About Family

The Bear Family

Hello, I’m the Papa Bear, a native New Yorker born in Brooklyn to immigrant parents from Ecuador some 40 years ago. In 1998, while studying Portuguese in northern Brazil, I met my future wife who was also there doing the same thing, except she is from North Europe. After a one-year long-distance relationship she convinced me to move to Northern Europe. For the next three years I lived, traveled and worked throughout Europe. The experience helped me grow as a person by exposing me to new cultures and a different way of life.

In 2001, we started a family and a year later decided to move to my hometown of New York. The decision was easy given that I was missing NYC, my wife was eager to experience life in the big city and we would have the support network of friends and family to help us raise our baby boy. Since moving to New York we’ve had two more children, both daughters, to round out our family. Raising three kids in New York has been a wonderful experience that has gone by too quickly. Therefore, in an effort to slow the pace down, bring the family closer together and provide my children with the type of character-building experience I enjoyed, we have decided to move to Cuenca, Ecuador for one year.

This is the story of that journey.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.
– John Lennon